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How Do I Sell my Damaged Car?


Selling Damaged Cars

You’ve found yourself in an unlucky position of having to sell your damaged car. How do you sell it? Private buyer? Scrapyard? Why is the expert you enlisted finding so many mysterious faults?

Confused and frustrated? We are on your behalf. So let us help you and here’s how.

Selling your damaged car CAN be simple and hassle-free. Cash For Cars can simplify the process for you.

Let’s answer the questions you’ve got about selling your damaged car and put your mind at ease.

Should I sell my damaged car or repair it?

Ask yourself the question – is the repair work going to cost more than the value it will add to the car? If the car is a family heirloom, a coveted classic that you spent years sourcing then of course repair it. And repair it well! If it’s going to cost an arm and a leg and, you don’t have a spare limb then perhaps it’s time to consider selling your vehicle. Is it time to sell?

Should I sell my damaged car to a garage or a damaged car buyer?

A common frustration with dealing with a garage is the sudden appearance of ‘issues’ with the car. If you’ve found yourself with a list of faults that chip away at the price you expected from a garage then walk away. Look at another route to sell. A damaged car buyer will simply offer you a cash price based on the details you provide online – year, make, model.

What is the difference between damaged and broken cars?

Here’s a rundown of categories.

  • Category A (Scrap) – cars that are not suitable for repair. No part of the car can be used for salvage and the car must be scrapped.
  • Category B (Break) – cars that are not suitable for repair. Parts of the car can be used.
  • Category S (Structural) – cars that have received structure frame or chassis damage. The insurer/owner has chosen not to repair the car and it can be salvaged.
  • Category N (Non-Structural) – cars that have no structural damage. The insurer/owner has decided not to repair the car.

What Do I Do Now to Sell my Damaged Car?

Cash For Cars’ Comprehensive Guide will walk you through the process of selling a damaged vehicle. It really is as simple as the 5 steps below.

  1. Details – fill in the online form here for an instant quote.
  2. Quote – you’ll receive a quote with no hidden costs and no obligation to commit.
  3. Confirm – give us the go-ahead and we’ll arrange the collection free of charge.
  4. Payment – money will go straight into your account on the day of collection.
  5. Admin – Cash For Cars will walk you through the administration process.