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How to Maintain Your Vehicle


How do you keep your car in good condition?

Simple tasks performed regularly can keep your vehicle in good shape and extend its life. How well you maintain your vehicle is up to you. Follow our simple steps on carrying out basic maintenance on your car and you can make your car drive like new.

Let’s take a look at our tips for maintaining your car and what every car owner should know about vehicle maintenance. 

  1. Hydrate your car. It’s all about the fluids. They are essential to your car’s performance. Oil, water, brake fluid. Lubricate all the moving parts in your engine otherwise, they’ll grind to a half. If you don’t already, learn your way around where the fluids live, how to check them and top them up. 

  1. Maintain your car. Newer vehicles can be complex with the need for mechanics to carry out maintenance jobs due to complex onboard vehicle tech. However, there are a few rules to follow that can still fall within your remit as a vehicle owner that are simple to carry out.  A) Change your oil every 5000 miles. B) Change your air filter every 12000 miles. C) Rotate your tyres every 5000 – 10000 miles.

  1. Clean your car. Most importantly the windscreen and lights. The body of the car needs regular attention too. Invest in the right cleaning products. A quick sponge down, especially through the winter months, won’t be enough. Proper washing is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas of car maintenance. Follow the routine of wash, polish, and wax. Keep the interior tidy too, it is not an extension of the kitchen bin. 

  1. Inflate your car tyres. Maintaining car tyre pressure will not only prolong the life of the tyres, but it will also keep you safe. Tyre pressure constantly changes subject to miles logged, type of terrain, and fluctuating weather temperatures. Check the pressure regularly, some would say every time you fill-up the vehicle with petrol/diesel. Find out the recommended pressure and always fill up to this level. 

  1. Service your car. If you want to protect your vehicle, service your car regularly. It will improve reliability. 3000 miles or every 12 months is the general rule of thumb.


Car Maintenance Checklist

Besides performing regular maintenance on your vehicle, there are less regular checks that you can do which will help with its upkeep. The good news is there are simple and quick. Following this checklist can keep your vehicle running for longer than you thought possible if you don’t cut corners. 

By following a few simple steps, you can keep the vehicle going, reduce your repair bills and, keep your car on the road.

Follow the checklist below. 

  1. Belts & Hoses – check for leaks, swelling, cracks. Replace anything that looks worn or frayed.
  2. Tyres – inflate to the correct PSI and check for treads.
  3. Oil – change the oil and the filter.
  4. Wires – a hotspot for rodents so check them all.
  5. Battery – take out the cables and give them a clean to dispel any corrosion.
  6. Fluids – oil, water, and brake fluid. Top them all up and look for any potential leaks.
  7. Brakes – give them a pump before going for a spin.
  8. Lights – check all lights, indicators, headlights. You’ll need to enlist a friend to help with this.
  9. Listen – turn on the engine, leave it ticking over and listen to see if anything isn’t sounding how it should.
  10. Clean, Polish & Wax – give your car the shine it deserves.